Entry #2

The 30-Days-Flash-Trial-Experiment

2009-06-28 18:14:40 by Maxemilliam

Hey everyone!

Today I downloaded the trial version of Flash CS4.
I've never used Flash before, so I started by just playing around and making some crappy animations.
But now I had the idea to submit everything I create during these 30 days and upload it all in one flash movie.
I hope that at the end there will be visible achievements and some kinda evolution.

So... What do you think of it? :D

EDIT: Alright, I cancelled the project, because 30 days are just not enough to create something worth to submit (if you are new to flash). But I'll upload my work on my website. Link will follow...


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2009-07-10 13:55:06

For someone who just started flash, your work is excellent. Probably better looking then what most people make in years of experience.

Maxemilliam responds:

Wow, thanks, but where have you seen Flash work of me? I don't think, I submitted any Flash projects yet...
My "Art" is done with Photoshop ;D
And yeah, I have years of experience with Photoshop. But thanks anyway :D


2009-07-22 13:29:45

Oh yeah, sorry. Still very nice experience though!


2009-08-20 18:55:00

Thanks alot for scouting me :DDDDD


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2011-07-16 11:30:56

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